Dog Oscars!

I am so smart that they don’t realize how smart.

I kind of mess with them to make them think that I am not as capable as I am. Since day one in the Koerner household, I have made a big deal of going up the steps or getting into a car. Despite my supreme jumping abilities, I act as if I cannot do it and then finally give it a final push. They feel sorry for me.

It takes a lot to keep my humans in line, but my use of the element of surprise along with a little Border collie head cock and a dumbfounded look on my face and I have it made in the shade. Being good to the grandkids seals the deal.

The grandkids are very special to me. They feed me all the time. When they don’t, I sneak the food from their hands. Rich and Mary Kay think that my licking them is because I love them. Well I do, but the icing on the cake is the immense quantity of food I find on their hands, faces, and even clothing. It is as if I had hit the mother lode!

When I am naughty, Rich thinks I need to be walked more. Another good situation as I get out and about to check my territories. I mark them judiciously to make sure that they belong to me.

I am social, apparently more social and extroverted than any other dog this family has opened up to. I use that to my advantage. I may not nip like a Border collie, or bite like other dogs, but I do jump on people. If I tallied the number of people I have managed to almost knock down, the numbers would be high. They think it is just because I am excited and cannot contain myself, I view it is a control feature. These people think that they are controlling me? I have news for them. I can pretty much do anything I want.

If they don’t get up on time to fix my breakfast, I jump on that bed of theirs and take my place, making sure that Mary Kay cannot move. It makes Rich laugh to see me do that. Then I whimper. Let’s face it, I am good. If there were an Oscar for a dog, I would get it, paws down!

Okay, I have to rest up a bit. I have a lot of stamina, but today is the day the grandkids are coming over and I need to get ready to plan for my extra food allotment!

About Stewart Koerner

Black and White and of the canine persuasion. Born in December on the 14th in 2012. Borders are my business and I don't believe in walls!
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