Canine choice!

I have talked about all sorts of people thus far and I have spoken of my canine cousins Murphy and Lincoln. I may not have mentioned my all time favorite, Mikey.

Mikey is special to me. He came with Richie and picked me out of all my siblings when I was just a little puppy. I was born on his birthday in December and came home with him in February during a snowstorm. It was Mikey who spent most of the time with me and took me outside, played ball with me, and took care of my every need.

When I was little and didn’t get it, Mikey was there for me and guided me. I cried and he took care of me. I whimpered, and he attended to my needs. He spoiled me.

Mikey was living in our home when I arrived. Now he is gone and when he comes home, I literally go crazy. I cannot get enough of him. I am a true drama queen when he shows up and if he does not spend all his home time with me, I make noise until he pays attention. I think I am actually at a point of driving him crazy. I just cannot help myself.

Honestly, I cannot get enough attention from him. He is my all. I love everyone, I play with everyone, I am pretty equal with all, but Mikey is still number one.

Just today he came home and I drove him crazy. He was talking to Rich and Mary Kay and spending time playing with one of the grandkids, but I wouldn’t give him a moment of peace. He is home? I play or annoy him; that is what I do.

Like anything else, when I put my mind to it, I am good. Mikey’s around, he is paying attention to me, period!

About Stewart Koerner

Black and White and of the canine persuasion. Born in December on the 14th in 2012. Borders are my business and I don't believe in walls!
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