The new chandelier being ‘loaded’ with lead crystals.

The bedroom chandelier.

The dining room chandelier.

I had two major household goals this weekend and I managed to get through them.

We had decided to purchase a smaller chandelier, very similar to the one we had recently placed in the dining room, to put in the former master bedroom, the second largest bedroom. From a spot near the fireplace, one can see both the dining room chandelier and the bedroom chandelier.

The bedroom had had a lackluster, boring light fixture, so it was time. We ordered the chandelier from and it came last week. It took well over five hours for one person to put together. I had to do what MK and I had done with the first, put lead crystals on one at a time, put a pin through, and then clamp it shut. Add into that, it took me forever to get the wiring through the upper portion of the fixture since it was so narrow.

Once that was done, I worked on getting it up. That took forever because the electric box on the ceiling in that room required more work than I expected. It took the longest time and then I also realized that I had to put some paint around the hole in the ceiling since the new fixture cover was smaller than the previous one. I also did not have enough light bulbs.

I picked up the light bulbs from Home Depot after going to the gym to burn off my frustration as well as a dimmer for the chandelier and an outlet to replace one in that bedroom that was long overdue. I also changed out the outlet and switch cover as well to match the bronze of the chandelier.

MK started doing the master bedroom windows and I helped her with those (they were on my list) and we thus have managed to clean all the windows before winter.

Now, I soon need to head outside, as there are things I need to do there.

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