Bullying into adulthood

There are really no good ‘bully’ photos, so here is my favorite tree in the neighborhood.

There are all kinds of bullies.

Recently, as I was with the grandkids at the local ‘Sprayground,’ there were kids that needed to be dealt with, older ones who were very clear about wanting to lord their way over the little ones. Bullying starts very early. You can find it in all kinds of people in differing forms. I stepped in, it is not a fair playing field to attack little ones of three and younger who have no way of dealing with the issues.

If one is around and witnessing it, it is imperative to act, not to do so is wrong.

I remember the bullies when I was younger and surprisingly; it was surprisingly prevalent on the playground of a Catholic school. The thought was then that the kids should be allowed on the playground and be allowed to play. Unfortunately, that gives rise to those who would take advantage. They find the ones that are usually alone or not with a larger group and they let loose their bad behavior. Those who were supervising were either just lax or didn’t think anything of it. Being bullied can cause inflict trauma that can last a lifetime.

They continue on into high school, continuing to prey on others.

They also go into the workplace.

I had a Caligula-like bullying department chairman one time. By the time I was being attacked, it was really hard to make a difference professionally in my life, but that doesn’t mean that such behavior was not annoying.

They are everywhere. Often, bullies continue their behavior well beyond the playground, doing it for a lifetime, always able to get away with it.

Let’s help those bullies change their behavior while they are still young and can change.

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  1. Darrelyn Marx says:

    You are so right, Rich! I do know what you are talking about in adulthood. Surprisingly true.

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