Sharry Baby and plant watering

Once a week I try to remember to water the flowers. I love my plants but sometimes it is just hard to remember to do this task.

I think that, perhaps, they gain from my procrastination and the fact that periodically, I just forget. But not too much…

I think that the flowers and plants are a connection to the one parent I really knew, my mom. Okay, so she wasn’t the super mom, able to take care of my physical and emotional needs at the same time. Emotionally, she just wasn’t up to the job. But overall, she ends up being A+.

Nonetheless, a deep bond was forged and although we were very similar in some ways, we ended up being very different. I forged my way out of the milieu I was in and distanced myself educationally from her. I always did my utmost to not make her feel that difference. She deserved better and better is what she got.

I just watered the plants today (Saturday). I vary between days, always watering on the ‘less is more’ side. I also water in levels, levels of house, that is. Today, I decided that at the end of the week, when I head down to feed Stewie, that I am going to attempt to do my lower level watering. It is the biggest part of the job as it is my holding tank for outdoor plants that are brought in for the winter and for the orchids that are not blooming.

Today I had to care for a cactus that was damaged while outside. It started falling down and then actually broke off. I checked into the repair page via a google search and came up with allowing the end of the stalk to dry before attempting to replant it. I just replanted it today and hope that I succeed, it is a beautiful Mexican cactus given to me by my friend, Lourdes.

Speaking of blooming, Sharry Baby, my oncidium orchid, shot up a floral spike a week or so ago. It is now blooming, so Sharry Baby was brought out of hiding and into a more prominent position in the dining room. The blooming stalk is not huge, but it doesn’t matter, these tiny little blooms are chocolaty in aroma with a dash of vanilla a few days into their bloom. I cannot wait for that.

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