Eighteen degrees. The main level of the house was at fifty-six degrees. I actually don’t know if it was because of our temperature being set back during the night or because of the issue I noticed when I tried to set the temps higher to override the timer. I ended up going outside and our PVC exhaust pipe was full of water. I am guessing that the quick change from a normal November temperature to something way below normal levels might have caused that to happen. When I drained the pipe and put it back on, everything went back to normal and the heating system began working.

Rumor is that we are having snow sometime today and as I walked Stewie, I was decidedly cold. I moved quickly this morning, to say the least. Some of that speed might be because I needed to get back since the grandkids were coming, but the other part was that I was just cold.

Snowflakes were falling as we walked, but not in the quantity that anything would accumulate.

Time will tell.

I know that Wisconsin and Michigan have already seen snow; it is only a matter of time. I recall that last year we had snow around Thanksgiving and then the snow production settled down into a minor snow season. I wonder what the story will be this year.

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