Week three of virus!

I hate talking about health and health issues but this virus is truly annoying.

I think it is finally on the wane; it has played with me for almost three weeks. I have had antibiotics and I now have an essential oil diffuser in the bedroom. I believe that I feel better today but this has been a long haul. I am not the only one in the family to have had such a nasty bug; it has been going around both children and adults. The children recover and then pick up something else, the adults seem to have a lingering, annoying virus that makes us able to carry on from day to day, but not feel 100% at any point in time.

Enough of that.

December is here and the weather today is nothing short of beautiful. It is in the 40s and the sun is shining.

Today is a day to check out tiles. We have several jobs going on within the house that are long overdue. One is the beautiful oak window seat by the bay window in the living room; we are going to cover it with ceramic tile. Since we got it and our Border collie decided it was something to jump up on in order to ‘attack’ the mailman, it got scratched. I had done the finishing and thus had to refinish it, removing the deeply imbedded scratches. We then got an inexpensive, piece of roll carpeting, which I cut to size. We are on our second Border collie and decided that it is time to cover it with tile. We are also having bathroom backsplashes done with smaller, glass tiles.

The other major issue is a demo of the powder room walls and having an outlet put in. The walls had suffered when we did our addition as the window was taken out. The other issue was an ongoing leak that turned out to be insufficient downspouts off of our gutters. I had thought it was a crack, but it wasn’t.

We connected with our son’s handyman, who just finished a redo of their kitchen, among other things. We were so impressed with his work that we thought he might be able to do some things for us.

The main thing is a redo of our bedroom closet doors. We are replacing the hollow, awful, doors with six panel pine doors that will match the bedroom doors. We have three rooms to do the replacement in.

Money Pit!

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