Minus Seven

The new vanity which actually has a top, horseshoe shaped drawer!

We had a lovely New Year’s Eve. I kind of got into a time pinch as I decided to touch up and repaint the woodwork surrounding the closet doors. It didn’t take long, but pushed longer into the amount of time I had. I ended up doing the three sets of closet doors and then two bedroom doorframes. I had the white out, so…

I was planning on going to the gym. I packed up and did only to find that they had closed at noon. I was out and about around one. It was not a total loss since I had to be in the exact same area to pick up the tiles to finish up our master bathroom. We purchased tiles for the backsplash and for the bare spot in the bathroom floor. When we removed the old vanity, we found, not surprisingly, that there were about eight tiles missing. Try and find a six-inch square tile these days, they are totally out of fashion. We ended up with a matching color (gray – which is very much in fashion) hexagonal. It is actually going to end up looking decorative and as if we planned it that way. It is under the new vanity (that is on legs per current fashion).

It is a busy week for us. The master bathroom is moving along but we still don’t have a working toilet or sink. That will be progressing but the new shower door has not yet come in. The family room is being totally changed as we move out the old wooden, This End Up furniture, and bring in a sectional. That sectional, which has two recliners, means that our current, bulky, blue leather recliners are biting the dust. The small Tolix table in the kitchen will move to the family room in the absence of the recliners and a small stainless steel work stand will replace it in the kitchen. Our bookshelves, which go from the shelf midway up the wall in the family room, are going to be extended to the floor when our son gets a chance.

I guess that writing this has kept me warm.

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