My love affair with vinegar continues

We have hemmed and hawed at one of the aspects of our Master Bathroom redo. That revolves around a shower basin that doesn’t fill our visual needs, made out of fiberglass and having some discoloration.

We decided that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ so we opted to use a bit of elbow grease on it and adorn it with a new shower door.

Vinegar came to my rescue. I went online to see how upkeep for this material goes and this is after trying to use Comet cleanser with bleach to no real change. Pinterest and YouTube came to my aid.

I found what is considered to be the miracle shower cleaner and I now realize that the claims were well founded.

I followed a YouTube recipe that is apparently slightly off, although the person doing it said that the amount of Dawn liquid detergent should be lessened. Essentially, I mixed a bit less than two cups of Dawn with two cups of vinegar. It mixed well together, although other recipes mention that you should heat the vinegar to almost boiling and then mix in the Dawn for a better mixture.

Nonetheless, I put it together, put it down on the fiberglass floor of the shower and put began scrubbing. Soap residue came off easily. For what I would call some water mineral deposit stains, I put it down and left it with a rag over it, even leaving it overnight. The stains are almost non-existent.

I am a believer.

I took it and washed our bathtub, which is in good condition but really doesn’t sparkle. I am guessing that it is at least forty years old if not older. It now pretty much sparkles.

So, I spent the day doing that, putting together the family room before the arrival of the new furniture, and helping clean up the new shower door that broke into a million pieces (no joke) and literally exploded in our bedroom. More on that later.

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