Our explosive Friday

We thought we were on the home stretch for the Master Bedroom Shower but as I was doing something on the main level, I heard Ray call me to say that I needed to come upstairs. The view I saw was startling. Diamonds of glass were everywhere and not confined to a small area.

The tempered glass shattered at the foot of the bed, Ray is not even sure why, apparently a small amount of jarring caused it to explode. There were pieces in every corner of that room and despite being somewhat pretty, also somewhat scary.

We used the dustpan to gather them up, funneling them into a black garbage bag inside a garbage pail. The cleanup took about an hour and a half. I am guessing that there are still pieces of glass. The pieces flew as far as several yards away.

We ended up ordering a new door; dependent upon what happens when Ray talks to the store where we purchased it. I am convinced that there was something defective in it.

It was a long day, my day being consumed by putting things back in the family room, reorganizing the kids toys and art supplies so that they all fit into the huge wall unit that surrounds our TV viewing, and cleaning things here and there during the process.

So the master bathroom is still ‘in process’ and the former master bedroom is being painted. The walls look amazing and we are going to paint them in the same color as the upper level of the walls in the family room (lowest level) and the lower level of the walls of the staircase (which I have to repaint). They are a blue now, but I want the same slate gray blue as the family room. The end result is a flow of the same blue-gray color from the lowest level right up the steps to the highest level and into the bedroom you can see from the steps. The only place a complete wall will be painted is in the bedroom.

We went to a very different movie, a beautiful but unusual one, ‘Call Me By Your Name.’ It is the story of a love affair, in 1983, between a seventeen year old boy and his father’s summer graduate student assistant. The speech of the dad to his son at the end of the summer warrants viewing of the film, if nothing else. The unconditional love and acceptance he shows him is exemplary and brings tears to a father’s eyes. The filming is beautiful and takes place in Italy. Luca Guadagnino directs it, the screenplay was written by James Ivory, and it is based on a novel by André Aciman. It stars Armie Hammer as the graduate student and Timothée Chalamet as the younger man.

After that, we returned home and enjoyed our new sectional. It was a well-deserved rest.

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