Where in the world is Oprah?

I am not saying that Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes was not a good thing, because it was. She certainly said some things that needed saying and she is a great spokesperson. She did a fine job. I will say that she sounded a whole lot like a person running for an office, though, and that is okay too.

What concerns me is where Oprah has been since 45 came into control of the government. It seems that she was finely ensconced somewhere and not being reactive whatsoever. She is one of the few public figures who has not been supportive of the movement reacting to what appears to be an illegal régime.

I find that surprising. Being vocal when one needs to be has been one of the hallmarks of Ms. Winfrey. I applaud the work she has done and the movements that she has shouldered and publicized. They are all good.

I guess that I am just skeptical, and have been for months, since my expectation would have been that someone of Oprah’s stature would be at the helm of the movement to stop regression into the Dark Ages of human treatment, something that continues to move and gather speed at an alarming rate.

What’s up with Oprah? What is going on in her head? Why has she waited so long to get vocal? It concerns me.

There are many who feel that she has no business entering the political fray; once again being a political non-entity who many feel has no business in this arena. I personally don’t care. The movement that Reagan started has flourished. Some of the celebrities have been successes and some have not. I don’t care, as long as the job gets done.

Meanwhile, what is going on here?

Where in the world is and was Oprah?

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