Poppy Corny

Popcorn took a place in my life early on. I remember how I would look forward to Fridays and the popcorn I would make. My mom showed me how to make popcorn in a Revere Ware pan. I remember those Fridays and how I would watch the Flintstones and the Jetsons. At least I think that is what I watched on Fridays. I would do this and often make an Appian Way pizza, out of a box, putting in the yeast and working the dough, and making a Margherita pizza of sorts. I did this since my mom went dancing to the Aragon Ballroom in Cleveland and I was home alone. It is funny how that memory came to me today as I got the request from granddaughter #2 (in the order in which they arrived) to make popcorn. The poppy corny name for popcorn is due to the inventiveness of my ex-brother-in-law. Ray was creative with naming things and people.

In the old days, I remember warming a small amount of butter (to which I later added a small amount of margarine which made it strangely taste even better) in a tiny Revere Ware measuring cup that looked like a Revere Ware pot. I think we may still have one like it in the crawl space with our overflow dishes and pans.

Anyway, during the years that have gone by, I have changed my popcorn methods many times. I went from the Revere Ware to an actual popcorn popper, which was a de rigueur appliance in college. Then I switched to the kind that you crank when it is on the stove. I still have one of those but they are hard to clean. They make great popcorn and are particularly good for making Kettle corn.

My next morph in the popcorn arena was a NordicWare plastic-like variety for the microwave. It worked well but was hard to clean. Then I noticed that Sur la Table was selling a silicone variety that folds down for easy storage and pops almost all of the popcorn. Strangely enough, I had seen it already on Facebook and purchased it for a better price. That is the latest. I use the Gramins’ recipe for popcorn, a tablespoon of butter flavored Crisco, a small amount of oil and pop it for two to three minutes in the microwave. Add salt and it almost tastes like the buttered popcorn you made on the stove.

Popcorn is decidedly a favorite, go to snack!

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