The French Quiz

Cleaning and reorganizing is on the docket. It is an omnipresent task and yet I have pretty much not done much of it for a while, which is unlike me. It must be that I had other things on my mind.

I came across this document, a true blast from the past. It is a quiz from my first year of teaching high school at New Trier and one made on a ditto machine.

I remember those machines well and also the electric typewriters we used. We had only several electric typewriters in the office and we often had to wait in line for them. I also had my own manual German Olympia typewriter at home (which I still cannot part with) that I got in preparation for college. My sister got one although she did not go to college and I got one that I specially set up with ‘dead’ accent keys, knowing of my interest in following up on French. It is still in the crawlspace, I only wish I had a place to show it off.

The departmental office had several phones so we also had to wait in line for them as well. I remember how hard it was making personal calls for doctor appointments and such. It was years before any of that changed.

Making dittoes was a complex thing and being the perfectionist I am, I sometimes pulled out a one edged razor blade to correct my mistakes and then carefully reinserting the ditto back in the typewriter with a new piece of ‘carbon’ to redo it. I was usually pretty good at it. Luckily, I was and am very good at the keyboard, something I learned in the 9th grade (junior high in my community). I must say it was one of the best things I ever learned.

Enough of this reminiscing…it is time to go out and pick up my granddaughter from pre-school….

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