Wednesday morning

It is cold in the house when you get up too early.

Not having done much yesterday means that I did not tire myself out that much and although I really did not nap, I ended up waking up around 5:30 AM. MK was on snow patrol, needing to touch base with our snow-removing sons. She got up to see what was going on and see whether or not she had to help take the little ones to the babysitter. Although we did not get two inches, there are people who want and need removal even it there is an inch. There are also commercial lots that need salting. Although I didn’t need to get up, I was up and that was just enough to keep me up.

The guys were out at 4:00 AM, apparently, and after salting, were going to take care of the list of under two inches of snow people next.

It is close to 7:00 AM and the heat started ramping up, taking the bi-level house from 53 degrees on the main level into the high sixties. I am on the lowest level so I have to say it was pretty cold, thank goodness for wool blankets.

I got an e-mail from an ESL Conversation Hour attendee asking for some English help and I did that immediately. She is experiencing the bullying of her four-year-old daughter in pre-school and needed help to make a strong statement. Involved here is pinching, being called names, being asked to be mean to other kids, and being told by the older kid that ‘if she eats popcorn, she is going to die.’ I acted on that task immediately; there is nothing worse than bullying at any age.

I think I may read my book now; hopefully I will be able to concentrate on it.

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