Chomping at the bit

My baby daffodils, a wonderful purchase as they bloom pretty much with the crocuses.

My sad flower bed…

This season, I am chomping at the bit.

I so want to be able to go outside and do something to prepare my yard and my ‘outdoor room’ for the coming summer. This year, doing so is certainly not happening as it usually does time-wise. I have, on my calendar, the date for the set up of the pond in the back. Normally, by now, the pond has been up and running for over a month.

My first part of business is to put wood ash on the lawn, as a fertilizer. I have tons of it and have saved it to put in old paint that I have in order to solidify it to throw out. I recently found out that a small amount of ash is good as fertilizer.

I also plan to set up the pond and put Epsom salt around my roses, doing so makes the leaves a beautiful bright green as the salts apparently do something to the roots and making them more capable of getting the proper nutrients.

The minute it warms up, I am moving currant bushes from under the eaves of the garage. When we changed the garage roof and put gutters on, it sent all of water to back and its downspouts. It is now too wet back there for them.

I am so interested in uncovering our furniture and setting up our outdoor room. The furniture is currently taking up space in the garage. Luckily, I have managed to create room for at least one of our cars and that is mine, which is more susceptible to cold weather. When I say, ‘susceptible,’ I mean the low profile tires, which in the severe cold, lose air. This past winter, as cold as it was, had me filling the tires only once. That is a record for me.

It is April and the forsythia has not yet bloomed and the daffodils are still doing pretty much nothing. The only daffodils that bloomed were my baby daffodils that bloomed in the front flowerbeds.

It is time for spring. Let’s actually have one!

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