Candy Crush

My mind is all over the place. I suppose that this is nothing new.

It is sunny out and although it was appreciably warmer today, I realize that it was way colder than I had thought. I guess I want the warmer weather so badly that I can just no longer deal with winter.

Actually, it isn’t true, it is a bit of fake news as although, yes, I want spring and summer to come (I did buy pool passes yesterday), I really am not that upset about the winter. To be honest, the amount of time I spent shoveling was minimal. My outdoor work was quite little.

Anyway, my subject is one of shame, Candy Crush. I have not ever spoken of my secret addiction and frankly it is because I am playing a game on the Internet. It is more than that, however, I am not even good at it. That is the more embarrassing aspect of it.

I have been playing it for years and I am only in the lower end of the 400 level. Sad, I know.

I refuse to pay to win. I know that if I purchased the help that is there, buy the ‘help’ that they offer, that I would advance more quickly. Nonetheless, I refuse to do that. Why I keep playing is beyond me, but I must admit that I find it relaxing. Call me crazy!

Okay, I feel better now that I have come clean. Now, maybe doing so will mean that I will finally be able to move smoothly through the ranks of Candy Crush players and be on top of things.

I am going to ‘crush’ this!

Time will tell…

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