Winter monsoon

I dreaded the morning walk. It seems as if it has been pouring rain nonstop for well over twenty-four hours. I kept waiting and hoping that it would let up for a few minutes. Not only is it raining incessantly, the temps are in the low thirties. I am so surprised that at thirty-one degrees, it is rain and not snow.

I put my North Face Gore-Tex jacket on that I luckily had purchased a size larger than I normally wear. I was thus able to put it over my winter jacket and avoid being completely soaked in the short time I was outside. It has a hood and kept me very dry. I put on my Bogs boots that we recently bought. Now that I have them I have been seeing them everywhere and even saw them mentioned in ‘The Disappeared,’ the latest book of C.J. Box that I am pretty much unable to put down. They are amazing and allow me to put them on and take them off easily without even bending down.

My jeans were a bit damp from our foray outside but the rest of me was nicely warm and dry.

The budcases are falling off the trees like crazy. I find it a bit odd given the cold weather we have but clearly the trees know something that we do not know. The forsythia is looking closer to flowering and the daffodils have just started blooming. When I say, “Just started,” I mean one. The rest are clearly with buds, but no flowers. The grass is turning green and I am wondering if the fireplace ash that I dispersed on it before the rains has helped. I thought I had a ton of ash to place and actually ran out. I need to clean out the hearth and complete my job.

Meanwhile, I am refereeing two dogs that love each other but can get carried away in their exhilaration. They managed to knock over my coffee mug, drop my phone, crack its screen protector, and knock my laptop over. Now they are finally quiet.

Sunday, the day of rest…

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