The highchair

This is actually Mary Kay’s high chair, used for our kids (when at their grandparents’ house) and now for the grandkids.

I am frankly surprised that I have not written about this subject before.

This highchair was a standard in my mother-in-law’s house. It was used by all the grandkids when they would come over. As long as I can remember, it was always present.

The highchair actually was the same one used by Mary Kay and maybe even by her older sister. I know that MK’s mom had refinished it at least once.

It has lasted way longer than most highchairs do. We had a wooden highchair for our boys, but it did not make the cut. I even had to refinish the tray area at least once, but its quality made me question even doing that. Nonetheless, I did, but we decided not to save it. Other high quality things we had for the kids, were saved. Fisher Price, Playskool, and Brio items were pretty much all saved and are still used to this day.

For our first grandchild, we did not use this chair. It seemed too large. The kids would kind of slip out. I realized that I just needed to add a belt and found one on that fit the bill. It was easy to install and prevented the slippage that bothered us.

I have to say that the chair even looks nice.

Funny how some of the things we save are really well put to use and seem to have a special life even after the original one.

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