Breakfast al fresco, Grain Berry Cereals, and outdoor oases

The current view of the back forty from our patio.

I woke up to temps in the high sixties. The past few days, I have gotten up to what looks warm but was cold. Today was not the case and we have decided that the windows are staying closed and the air conditioning will more than likely go on.

Breakfast al fresco was heavenly. It is nice to have access to our outdoor room. Recently, we were talking to one of our sons’ in-laws about being outside. It turns out that they have this idyllic housing and yard situation very close to us, but that due to the area, called Riverwoods,’ they really can only enjoy it through the windows once summer is in full force. Because it is on the flood plain of the Des Plaines River, and very close to the river, the mosquitoes are merciless. We, on the other hand, have a small yard, slowly put together as an outdoor oasis of sorts, which generally allows us to actually enjoy it. We have our waterfall and pond feature, and can sit on the patio and listen to the water and see the greenery. We also have the little playhouse that offers hours of fun to the little ones who are such an important part of our lives. Perhaps our situation is even better than we ever had thought.

My fall bulb planting impacted the back yard by creating more floral areas earlier in the season. I intend to do more of that in the fall, this time spending even more time in the front of the house, in areas I see as lacking spring visuals. Our efforts to shore up the sidewalk by the garage are going to continue to improve our water issues and drain it toward the back. We have been fighting water for thirty years or so and I am pleased to say that we are doing well.

The cereal we had today is one I strangely heard about on the radio, a collection of cereals called ‘Grain Berry,’ our purchase being ‘Honey Nut.’ There are many more varieties, not all of which are locally available, so we may have to resort to online purchases. As it turns out, it is also available via and Amazon as well.

In doing a small amount of research I found out that although it is seemingly a good thing to put black sorghum in cereal, that it may well be overhyped in both its assets and in the negative side put out on other websites. Nonetheless, having grandkids in the house quite often, I am happy to have another quick option for them and myself that actually tastes good.

Ah, the patio…I am so happy to be out here enjoying the warm and the cereal…

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