The current view from our back door. I cannot wait to talk to the police when they check to see that the newly place tall camera is down.

Every so often one comes across something simple, that one has done before, and that for some reason cannot be duplicated.

I came across that this morning as I attempted to use the ‘Pages’ software to create a document. I want to be able to create a new folder, something I have done so many times in the past. I cannot do it this time. I am guessing that software updates have changed things.

I have googled the creation of the folder and tried what they suggested. For whatever reason, it is not happening.

I know exactly what to do.

I will continue to create my documents and let this ‘sit’ within my brain, to come back to it later.

I know that sometimes, when you hit a wall, that you have to let the idea or problem percolate within yourself.

At some new point in time, the answer will come to me and my frustration will be over. Meanwhile, spinning my wheels needlessly because I am a blockhead and stubborn will not prove to be bear fruit.

I have been very frustrated for years with my malbor (negative version of neighbor). Perhaps not as much as one might think as people have believed, but over a long period. This ‘boil’ came to a head this past week.

We have dialogued, we have strategized, we have planned. MK and I are certainly no strangers when it comes to difficult people. We have difficult people on both sides of the family and as a couple, we have spent more time than I would like to truly admit, trying to deal with them.

One can do this successfully when one is dealing with someone who is mentally stable, but when you add serious issues like mental illness, there is no even playing field. Although many suggestions have been put forth by friends for dealing with the malbor, and we do appreciate them, we are aware that we need to be very prudent. We realize that the ramifications for doing what our first reactions tell us to do would be less than positive in the long run and maybe even harmful.

Funny how I went from a folder in ‘Pages’ to the malbor. Meanwhile, the fence is coming down, four panels already, supposedly he is getting the permit on Monday, and soon he will have the new one put up. Knowing his distaste for having to see us, I know it will most assuredly move quickly. Now the question is, “What is his current taste in high fences?”

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