Once again, I forgot what I was going to write about…

I thought I would sit down after lunch and write a blog post.

I was not counting on not remembering. I had two ideas that had come home to roost in my brain and somehow neither of them are within my mental grasp.

I am just going to go with the flow and see where I end up.

It is Tuesday after Memorial day and I spent the morning behind the garage. I continued my work of cleaning up the raised beds. They have Creeping Charlie, another weed I used to call Sour clover (wood sorrel), and wild violets growing like crazy. There are a few others but the ones I mentioned are the largest part of my job. I removed as much as I could, especially the Creeping Charlie and then put down some extra mulch I had. The Creeping Charlie is so invasive as it spreads by runners. It almost looks pretty but it takes over and chokes everything out.

What propelled me to do this was the fact that I noticed that I had to move my large, Rubbermaid landscaping container and an open shed structure that I had made to house my garbage cans years ago. With the new fence coming in, these used to sit next to the fence. The fence belonged to our dear malbor and the new fence will be exclusively on our property now, hence my need to move them. Add into that that the Rubbermaid container was sitting on several concrete slabs that needed to be moved, especially since once of them was partially on the neighbor’s property.

I really cleaned everything up nicely and now it looks great. I finished just in time for one of our granddaughters to come over. I had cleaned up the garage floor and also hung up one of the kayaks. The day before I had removed the greenhouse cover for the raised bed herb garden and I needed to find it a shelf spot in the garage. That necessitated some jockeying of items on the shelves.

MK and I just took our granddaughter home and are staying there a bit so that we can welcome her older sister who will be arriving shortly on the bus. While on the way, I saw what I was thinking of for a blog post, the Christian Science Reading Room. That remains for another blog.

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