Disgrace to the USA

Now Blagojevich? The idea of pardoning him seems so ridiculous. On the other hand, given the moronic brilliance of the Commander in Chief, it fits. Is this another ploy to keep our minds off some other, horrible thing that he is about to commit?

I cannot believe that we live in a state that is so openly corrupt, government-wise. The newspaper today reminded us that four recent governors of our state have hit the prison. It is hard to believe. I still get, once in a while, a question asking me if I am related to former governor and prisoner, Otto Kerner. I remind them that my name is spelled Koerner, not Kerner.

I see the major journalists from the Chicago Tribune to the New York Times and Washington Post coming out and lamenting the hurtful antics going on in the Oval Office.

Again, I feel as if it has all been a bad dream and that one morning I shall awaken and find that it was all a nightmare.

It is a nightmare, unfortunately it is real. It seems surprising that it has happened here but once again, it is a reminder that no society is immune to the possibility. Autocrat wannabes and demented individuals will try to get what they want. Usually, they are put in check by laws, but this time, the nightmare bloomed.

I am dismayed, dismayed to see it in my lifetime and really dismayed that the powers that be have not gotten together to truly deal with the scandalous activities that are affecting absolutely every aspect of our lives.

I see major ramifications of all this stupidity in things like that with which we are dealing with our neighbors. People who seem to think that they are right and that they can do absolutely anything they want. We recently found out that the guy next door was unloading the water on his flooded patio in the neighbor’s yard behind him. When questioned about it, he acted as if he was in the right and that there was no way to dissuade him from doing so. This small, really insignificant act is happening all over the country, in every aspect of our lives because people have taken from our supposed leader that it is okay to disavow rules, regulations, and things commonly taken as be moral to do their own thing. The selfish and demented narcissism needs to end before it goes to far.

I have said this before, but it is time to turn this around.

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