I have been remiss about our pond.

It fell into murkiness before we went to Cape Cod, victimized by the weather and the incessant rains that apparently continued to take small particles of mulch and put them in the water. I now have small stones to filter out excess water flowing in but I still have not been able to get that clarity.

Then, one day when I was changing out the filter, I realized that something called a ‘foam support,’ with a designation of ’N’ on the diagram in the manual was missing. I have no idea how it could come to be missing. I think there is a garden gnome responsible. The bad thing here is that I couldn’t find evidence on the diagrams I looked at about the existence of this part at first.

Yesterday, I finally went and checked more carefully and found of its existence. Then, I had to go online and find parts for the Laguna Pressure-Flo 1400 filter. Every part imaginable is available for sale, but not this one. It is as if it does not exist.

Mary Kay finally got involved and made some calls. I was so disappointed that I didn’t even think to call and I hate that part of the process, anyway. She talked to someone at one of the pond places where the Laguna parts are sold and she said to call Laguna.

I had already gone online to Laguna, which is apparently a part of Hagen Enterprises, or something like that. I found a number and had called, but it was too late in the day for this east coast enterprise. I also had not known that Hagen was the name of the company. When I called, I thought I had a wrong number.

MK called this morning and we were both on the line with them (speakerphone) and the lady who answered said that she knew of the existence of the part, it was not an actual part on a list, but that she had several ‘in the closet.’ She is FedExing it to us along with some extra screws as the foam filter scraper fell off since a screw fell out. I would have to totally empty the filter, totally clean it out to find it. Charge? Free, the lovely lady at Hagen said that it was our ‘Wednesday gift.’ I am blown away.

Nice things do happen, periodically. Now, we can get the pond back.

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