Imperfect Produce

What a great idea, imperfect produce,” that might not have seen the light of day in the grocery store because it is too small, misshapen, or maybe off color (like some of my jokes, lol). Guess what, it may be imperfect produce, but I have news for you, it is named incorrectly. It should be called ‘Perfect Produce!’

Check this out:

Mikey, our culinary guru of a son, turned us on to the idea. They are currently delivering fresh produce to us once a week. Here is the thing, we have had other delivery services that are quite good, stressing local sites of food items, for the most part. This delivery is superior!

Today we got three apples, one cantaloupe, six bell peppers, two lemons, two limes, three nectarines, three peaches, two garlic heads, and about six potatoes. We paid $31.86. Orders are made by the consumer. In different circumstances, the food wouldn’t make it to the consumer. Everything was dropped off at our front door.

The best part, nothing has gone to waste!

Let me tell you something else, the appearance may not be perfect but…

The nectarines, which so often are incredibly beautiful when you buy them and then you go and eat them to find that they are tasteless, are among the most delicious I have ever eaten. MK gave me half an apple before leaving to go somewhere. It was lackluster in size but OMG, the taste! So it may be expensive, maybe, but you are helping the food chain, eating what wouldn’t ordinarily get to the buyer, and it is GOOD! We in the U.S. are frankly used to not paying enough for what we get and often what we get is not the best quality.

It started in California and Chicago is the first city outside that huge state to have it. Well, we are foodies here, are we not?

Obviously, much of this produce comes from California, the biggest producer in the United States.

If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out.

I am in love!

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