Where’s this weather going?

It is almost cool

We covered the patio furniture and umbrellas last night in case of storms. We knew they were coming, they were very damaging west of us, but they still have not hit.

When I got up, it was sunny and within minutes I was in a rush to get Stewie’s walk in because it was starting to turn gray.

One of the battery operated candles we have outside was flung several feet away from its perch. The weather was warm and has now cooled thanks to the storm’s breezes as it works its way into our region.

The one suburban thing that saddens me is the incessant drone of gasoline operated landscaping tools. It seems as if there is never a moment when their noise is not present. Either it is malbor with his or his new method of cleanup, vacuuming with his shop vac or the landscapers in other yards.

A little earlier, malbor was doing just that, he even uses his shop vac in his flower beds. The irony is that he rarely sits down and enjoys it. His wife almost never does, enjoying her time alone in the house as he is putzing in his yard and garage. With a guest in their house, there is way more time spent outside, it is almost unreal and unlike their normal behavior. We, on the other hand, spend as much time as possible in our outdoor room. I do work in the yard, but my sense of landscaping has nothing to do with a kitsch version of Louis XIV, where you make every attempt to turn nature into some strange form of horticultural control. This year the addition of flowers was truly over the top. The flowers are pretty, in and of themselves, but the layout and addition of gnomes and misspelled, cutesy signage is less than beautiful to us.

Chacun à son goût.

We are thankful for the neighborly calm. As I have said before, I am waiting for the shoe to drop. I think we have at least one more week of guests in their house, so the good behavior is in effect.

Vive la paix!

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