My favs in Stratford

It has been one heck of a bang up season at Stratford.

Before going, we had been told that it was going to be an extra special year and they were absolutely correct. We have seen many plays: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Comedy of Errors, The Rocky Horror Show, Julius Caesar, The Ideal Husband, and Paradise Lost. We have one more left, as I write this, and that is this evening. I am dying to know what we are in for as we are seeing Napoli Milionaria.

We are saddened that we are not seeing Musicman or Coriolanus, but you cannot do it all. Well, you could, but that would take more time and more bucks.

To Kill a Mockingbird was great, The Comedy of Errors was good yet a bit hard to follow, Julius Caesar was okay and yet I was having some issues with the actress playing the role of Marc Antony, yet I don’t think I was being sexist. The Ideal Husband was pure joy and a great bit of entertainment.

My favorites? The Rocky Horror Show and Paradise Lost.

The Rocky Horror Show was just an amazing time. Why MK and I had never seen it before defies the imagination, but hey, we finally caught up with it. It was nothing more than a rip-roaring time as we sat in amazement and were entertained completely. That was a special play and time in Stratford.

Quite possibly the best thing we have seen thus far at Stratford is Paradise Lost starring Lucy Peacock. She did an incredible job playing Satan.

Paradise Lost is an adaptation of John Milton’s famous work of the fall of man and what followed in the Garden of Eden. This was directed by Jackie Maxwell and the adaptation written by Erin Shields. It is brilliant and makes John Milton’s work totally current and even addressing the role of women and adding a feminist viewpoint. We loved it from start to finish as it was smart, funny, and very intelligent. Adam and Eve’s nudity was dealt with very well as the two actors: Amelia Sargisson and Qasim Khan wore transparent flesh colored body suits and after the dramatic tasting of the apple as forbidden fruit came back on stage in the altogether. All of the actors were amazing and there was no dozing, on my part whatsoever. Milton’s message along with a more modern view will remain in my brain forever.

All in all, an amazing season on the river Avon in Canada.

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