Where to go with that Facebook account?

I just keep wondering if we have all been hoodwinked.

I spent some time this morning checking out the pros and cons of deleting Facebook accounts as I continue to feel more and more uneasy with the algorithms and things that keep appearing in ads. I keep wondering whether staying in touch is worth the evils that the social media vehicle may bring. I cannot help but wonder how Social Media may have helped tip our elections and aided and abetted the enemies of democracy. Then one wonders, are we just so entrenched in it already that even deleting it might just be nothing more than a meaningless effort?

There are so many world events that occur and you have to wonder how social media may have adversely affected them.

The one thing that stands out in my mini-research is that Facebook is a business. Business, as we know, is by nature out for itself. Business is more often than not totally unconcerned with true values and moral behavior. We have only to look at the man in the White House, a great representative of American business, to realize that we should all tread carefully with the Media.

Early on, before the infamous national elections, I set out to be a social media activist of sorts. I have continued. Have we seen any results of this? It sure doesn’t seem so. Does that mean it is not being effective? No. However, it makes me wonder if when we make our posts, are we just preaching to the choir?

This morning, an article appeared in the Sunday Trib written by Chris Jones, theatre critic, about Facebook, which tipped me over the edge in my thoughts of where I should go with all of this.

My current thought is that perhaps I am going to be less active with social media. It doesn’t seem to be serving my needs. I don’t want to lose contact with my connections, but I am concerned about where this is all going. I think that within the national, state, and local arenas, we need to be vigilant, do our research, and get out the vote. We have to continue to resist, because all I keep seeing is Nazi Germany looming in our view. I think we all need to pursue more carefully protection of our personal info.

There are no easy answers. The foe is unclear, crafty, and so good at distraction and lie telling and we cannot let up.

God help us!

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