Cover-ups seem to be a constant thing these days, whether they are in politics or in institutionalized religion. Actually, perhaps they are just a part of human nature as we think we can control negative things to our advantage and not truly have to deal with them. They seem to manage to be in every part of our lives.

I am saddened to see the Catholic Church hit as hard as it is but even more upset and disgusted by its refusal to come to terms with what is and has been going on. Yes, it seems as if there are some efforts being made to deal with the pedophilia but as more and more of this comes out, I find it hard to believe that one can stand by an institution that has shown itself to be criminal as it portends to be something that is all about values and leading a good life.

I, too, stood by years ago when the true nature of all the problems was coming to the forefront. I kept thinking that this is not the whole Church, and many did not know about it. The fact is, many did know about it and rather than actually deal with it, they moved priests from one situation to another and did they did their utmost to hush it up.

Add into this, we are in a time period where the religious institutions should be working to help fight the tyranny of a situation that in my eyes, rivals what happened in Germany. I don’t hear a whole lot of criticism or see a lot of direct action regarding the horrible situations that have been occurring regarding illegal immigrants. Instead I see inhumane treatment that is allowed to go on. What is being said in pulpit?

Things are happening, the Church is being forced to accept what is a known fact, but how can I have confidence in an institution that has truly not dealt with its problems.

Celibacy is an unnatural thing for most human beings. Enforcing it creates all kinds of problems, as the normal human sex drive must find an outlet. The possibilities are not good. I understand why the idea of priests being celibate came to be, as priests were carousing, even the popes had wives, and then there were the financial ramifications since they didn’t have any rules in place to deal with wives and families and simple greed.

Celibacy has caused the priesthood to be an unnatural haven for many people, not all, and has perhaps attracted those who tried to fit in elsewhere and couldn’t.

There is no excuse for sexual abuse and the perpetrators need to be treated and dealt with so that people, especially children, are not harmed.

Add into this that women have not had the place they should have within the institution. If they had, perhaps we would not be in this predicament.

Although there would have to be many changes, dealing with the issue of celibacy and women would change the Church for the better. I am sure that that is not going to happen in my lifetime.

So on Sundays, I guess I don’t feel bad about not going to mass.

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