“…always a pleasure to meet another light in the darkness.”

Once a month on Mondays, we have a meeting in Chicago. To make parking easier, I use ParkWhiz or SpotHero to reserve our parking. The easiest place to use is the Valet Service of the Tavern on the Park on Randolph, just across from Milennium Park.

Sunday night I made the reservation. On Monday, we were a little later in leaving but arrived with just enough time to drop off the car, walk in the Prudential Plaza building, get through check-in, and up to our meeting. We went around the bend to swoop into the Valet area and noticed lots of police cars and activity. We stopped in front of the restaurant, MK got out and went to look for the valet, only to find that the restaurant was closed, the Valet spot shut down, and we needed to get to our meeting.

What was the reason for the activity? The TV program ‘Suits’ was filming in Chicago. MK had even seen one of the stars as we turned the corner onto Beaubien Court.

She got back in and we took off, not really happy not to have been informed that there was no parking and that our $19 reservation was lost.

We went to our meeting after finding an alternate parking spot in the actual Prudential Building, only managing to be a few minutes late.

When we got home, after paying $30 for the new parking spot, I went online and found the SpotHero number and spoke to Thaddeus. I told him what happened, he immediately new who I was and that I had the reservation, and was equally surprised by the loss of our parking spot.

He said that he would have to check in to it, but was sorry that it had happened, as the Valet Service didn’t inform SpotHero of the situation. I mentioned that we had lost our $19 parking spot and had to pay $30 for the second one.

We talked a bit and he said that if I could get him a copy of the $30 parking fee (which we did from our online statement) that he would see what he could do.

He e-mailed me and in my response I attached the screenshot of the $30 expenditure. He quickly followed up with a reimbursement into my SpotHero account of $11, therefore covering our costs. Then I got another e-mail with an addition of $5 into our account for our time and trouble.

He wrote me that since I was so reasonable and nice about the whole thing and my being polite that he thought it was the only thing he could do. I told him that he reaffirmed my faith in humanity, as so often in these situations, one is forced to argue like a lawyer.

We shall use SpotHero next time for sure!

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