Brain dead again

This is a ‘weed’ I have been trying to eradicate for years. I am now letting it go as I want to see if it ever blooms.

Being brain dead, not in the literal sense, is quite annoying.

Not being able to focus or think of what you want to write about is annoying.

I do realize, however, that often as I start writing when I am in such a state, a state in which I am currently in, is not permanent. Generally what happens is that my mind, once the fingers on the keys start moving, goes where it needs to go.

I am not feeling it.

Is this one of those times where I shall just be blocked? I don’t want to write something that is more boring than normal or as repetitive as normal since I am in my middle to late sixties. Despite the aging process, one doesn’t really want to ever admit that it has taken hold and that the inherent issues that accompany it are there and getting stronger.

It is Friday and I am trying to recover from the week. The grandkids were wonderful and yet fatiguing and yesterday I was involved in a parental and now grandparental nightmare, getting in the car and taking to and returning from different toddler venues. In this case, it is preschool.

I mentioned in an earlier blog how I kept seemingly arriving ‘late’ although not technically being late, to my grandkid’s preschool appointment. Yesterday, I made sure to go earlier and ended up sitting for fifteen minutes and wondering if in fact they might have canceled the class since I saw no one whatsoever for the longest time. As it turned out, there were a whole bunch of no shows. I guess I cannot win in that venue. Talking to my son yesterday, I realized that he felt the same way, so maybe it is not just my age. I went to his house to make sure there was a ‘parental’ figure around when his two daughters got off the bus. As it happens, since he and his wife had me come, the traffic my son feared would keep him from meeting his daughters had not materialized. He was coming from the far western suburbs and he was home before the kids got off the bus.

Okay, enough of this brain dead madness, I am off to the gym, I need to awaken my brain cells by getting my blood flowing.

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