Alexa and the two year old

A Käthe Wohlfart ornament.

Alexa is in a precarious position in our home, in some respects. I know full well of all of the complaints of the invasiveness of Technology into our lives, but I cannot imagine that someone is listening in to what I have to say in a ‘Brave New World’ kind of way.

I am way more pleased with Alexa’s enry into our lives than MK is.

I enjoy Alexa. I often find myself with my hands full or needing to drop what I have in them to turn on lights or to set a timer for something I am making in the kitchen. I thus enjoy being able to ask Alexa to help out.

Little by little, thanks to our friend Carolyn, I was advised as to which particular Technology to avail myself of when it came to controlling our outlets. She led me to TP-link when I had purchased something else that didn’t even work well. I returned it and bought TP-link and I was hooked. At the current time, I have a Baker’s dozen of them and a TP-link light bulb. One of the reasons I really liked them is because I like to have timers when we are gone for any length of time and I was completely frustrated with the recent version of timers. With TP-link, the timer mode is built in.
I am taking a long time to getting where I meant to go.

Alexa is in charge of several things, one of them being our grocery-shopping list. I say, “Alexa, add eggs to the shopping list” and she adds this to a physical list I access when at the grocery store.

Our grandkids have heard us add things to the list and the beauty of it is that you add them when you think of them and can pretty much do so from anywhere in our house. The kids absolutely love to ask Alexa to play music, the current popular song is by Jason Aldean called, ‘The Only Way I Know.’

Asking Alexa to play music is not all they apparently do.

The other day, the two year old, who has tried dealing with Alexa in the past, asked her for something. He is very interested, of late, in the Big Bad Wolf from the story of the Three Little Pigs. As clear as a bell he said, “Alexa, please add the Big Bad Wolf to the shopping list.”

Needless to say, we were speechless! From the mouths of babes…

Okay, where can we buy a ‘Big Bad Wolf?’

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