Rainstorm, Thunder, Lightning, and Racism

A pine cone wreath made with our good neighbor’s pine cones that our front yard is almost always full of…

It is late afternoon on Saturday and I saw a flash. I thought that perhaps it might be a policeman but the thunder that came a few seconds later made me aware that it was a storm. The snow is melting big time as the rain comes down

Last night was spent listening to sounds of things falling on the roof. At first, I thought someone was walking on the roof. When we went to bed, it was quite noisy. When outside, all we hear is the ice falling from trees and roof edges. If you are downtown, look out as the danger is looming.

I have noticed that acquaintances of mine have even had windshields destroyed by the snow and ice. They are driving along and a piece of ice falls off of a bridge as they pass by.

These occurrences have happened very rarely in my lifetime and they are particularly scary. Not only does one have to fear falling, now one has to even look up and be wary. Friends of ours have a new puppy that suffered because of falling ice and had to be taken to the vet and have her eyes washed out. The ice piece had cut her above the eye and ice and particles had even gotten into her eye. Fortunately, her eyes seemed to be okay but they had to watch her as if she had suffered a concussion.

These are quite the scary times in so many ways. Falling ice and racism are on the rise. Global Warming and the revival or renewal of the omnipresent racism are more visible with a vengeance. Some of us had been lulled into believing that things were better. Add #45 into the picture and it arises like that fire you thought you had put out, but which comes back with more power than you thought it had within itself.

Today we saw a movie: Green Book. It was about Don Shirley and his driver: a black man in the 1960s trained as a classical pianist and nudged into playing modern music by the record company with his driver/employee, on tour in the Midwest and then the South. It was fascinating to see as his man thug, the Italian-American driver, evolved from being an uncomprehending man to one who little by little became enlightened. It was equally surprising to see the humanity he actually housed within his rough man exterior. Each man helped the other evolve. It was heartwarming to see but at the same time, so depressing to me since we appear to be no better now than then.

Please, let this all pass.

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