Today is Santa Day!

Grandkids at play.

Today’s fresh muffins.

Today is the day that I am going into the city to be Santa Claus.

It started out inauspiciously, with my noticing from bed that the light looked mysteriously close to the seven o’clock time that I have been waking up to.

I got up, did my morning ablutions, went downstairs and took my supplements with a huge glass of water, set up the coffee, and put the water on to boil. I was just about to take Stewie for a walk and as I opened the door, our granddaughter popped in! My plans were dashed for the moment.

I went back into the kitchen with a watchful eye on the grandkids and completed the coffee preparation. I then set about to make the muffins, greasing the muffin pans with Crisco and then carefully mixing the batter without overdoing it, and placing the muffin tin in the oven. We had promised our two young charges that muffins would be for breakfast on Thursday. I also put together the water and Cream of Wheat and started making it in the microwave, learning my lesson that especially in the last minutes of preparation that I must watch the bowl carefully so as to prevent the overflow.

The children were ecstatic with the Cream of Wheat (Farina) and loved the muffins as well. Our youngest did his usual routine of stuffing his mouth, so reminding us of our oldest son, his uncle, who had the same eating technique when he was that age.

Stewie and I finally managed a quick walk, completing his job way faster than normal and wanting to return to our house because the food was landing on the floor from the grandkids and he did not want to miss a single morsel.

Just before noon, I go to Oakton to prepare for my Santa moment in the city.

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