The Lessons of History

Stewie in his Border collie glory, just hanging out and gathering some of nature’s dandruff.

We started out the day with a great movie, ‘If Beale Street Could Talk.’ We had decided the night before to see the movie early on Saturday and I thus purchased the tickets ahead of time.

The movie is very beautiful, well done, a love story, and once again depicting the havoc the ruling white class has wreaked upon people in our country.

Seemingly, prisons in this country were meant to keep down part of our population. That war between the North and South just keeps rearing its ugly head. It just won’t go away and the racists in all elements of the country just refuse to give up their evil ways, often even hiding behind the guise of religion to maintain their evil.

I thought about writing more of my thoughts and I realize that I am preaching to the choir. We whites just haven’t a clue and as much as we try, we are so alien to the experience of the minorities in this country.

One wonders where it is all going; one wonders when the shoe will drop and the nightmarish events hailing back to 2016 and even beyond will start reversing. Frankly, I personally look back on Ronald Reagan as a forerunner, a self-proclaimed populist spokesperson, for the beginning of all of this. He, himself, is nothing like what we have, but he kind of opened up the ‘God and country’ things and helped fuel the religious right. It continued evolving and pushed us all into a tailspin of negativity, hatred, and attempts at destroying any sense of progress we have made in the area of equality.

My thoughts center on France after WWII and women having their heads shorn for having ‘danced with the enemy.’ I keep wondering how we shall treat those who collaborated, lied, cheated, and were involved in treasonous activities. Will we shave their heads and parade them around? I hope that we are better than that although I must admit, I have more of an understanding of the feelings of doing so.

Those who are involved are seemingly that narcissistic and interested in self-aggrandizement to the point that they totally forget that history will judge them for what they are and that it will not be pretty.

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