Our first full day in the Portland area from the Pacific coast to cheese tasting

Tillamook grilled cheese.

The Haystack at Cannon Beach – this is where I flooded my left boot and ended up with twelve inches of wet on jeans.

Selfie on Cannon Beach.

Real daffodils blooming!

Tillamook macaroni and cheese.

The weather on our first full day in Portland was completely foggy and gray, appearing as if there were no chance of change.

We got into our rental car and bit the bullet, deciding to go to the coast. This was one of the things I wanted to do, never having done it in Oregon before, and MK was in agreement. It was about a ninety-minute trip or so and through great beauty (route 26). Frankly, despite the fog, it was still amazing, even had we not gotten to a coast. We decided on Cannon Beach, both a town and beach and were not disappointed. Our trip there was almost white knuckle driving with all the fog. Then, all of a sudden as we neared the half way mark or so, we went through a tunnel and lo and behold, on the other side, it was sunny with blue skies! The fog returned periodically, but not in great amounts. At the coast, we walked toward the beach and I saw the largest expanse of beach I remember seeing since that of San Sebastian in Spain. We also saw the ‘Haystack’ which apparently was in the movie, the Goonies. The tide had gone out and we walked out really far. I wanted to touch the water, perhaps an idiotic thing. I walked within about a one hundred fifty to two hundred feet from the water and a large wave came in and immersed my only shoes (leather shoes from Australia – Blundstones) and totally got into my left boot. It was still worth it. When we got back to the car, I removed the boot, wrung out the sock, and put it back on to dry. Despite a wet boot, which now has salt stains that I have almost completely removed, I had a great time.

We drove down the coast on 101 and went to the Tillamook Creamery in Tillamook, Oregon. Tillamook is one of our favorite cheddar cheeses. There, we joined tons of people, we were in shirtsleeves, had just seen daffodils blooming, and got into great cheddar cheese – cheese tasting, and then MK and I shared the best grilled cheese sandwich we have ever had, Tillamook macaroni and cheese, and ice cream.

My ice cream was flavored with marionberries, a special blackberry developed in Oregon by blending two varieties. It was amazing. MK had a fresh strawberry variety.

From there we drove back through equally beautiful country to Portland, taking route 6 until it rejoined route 26.

We so enjoyed our dinner the previous night that we went back to Southpark Seafood again.

This was one heck of a great day and the weather was slowly turning to become something that might be uncharacteristic of Portland weather, sunny!

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