Back in Chiberia!


Back to the land of frigid temps and snow!

We woke up early, wondering whether the great chill and recent snowfall in Chicago was going to make our return difficult. As it turned out, all went without difficulty and despite the fact that our plane was not overloaded, we did in fact depart. We saw that other airlines had canceled flights to Chicago and we were wondering, since our plane to Chicago was coming from Chicago, if that was going to be an issue. It wasn’t.

We got to the airport early and had to deal with a scratch we had found in the paint of the driver’s side fender that we had not caused. We had used the valet and the previous morning noted the paint defect and inquired about it. It was noted that there was no mention of any issue so we have to believe that it occurred while parking the car. So far, we have not heard anything from Thrifty.

We arrived around 8:30 for a 10:19 boarding and had a great breakfast and the worst coffee and decaf I have ever tasted. We went to our gate and found few people there.

I was not happy with United because the Economy seats that we had gotten with our package were such that we could not get any seats assigned unless we paid extra, which was fine. I didn’t know about this until a few days before. I used the United app and it was anything but easy as I had to go through the motions many times before it worked. Then, reading the fine print, I realized that we were only allowed a personal item with the special Economy we had, and would have to check our luggage to the tune of $30 each. If we waited until arrival at the airport for that, we would get charged a fine of $20 for each as well as the $30! I did not have my laptop and doing it via iPad or iPhone was not easy.

As far as I am concerned, United wanted more money than the tickets cost. That is fine. I would rather pay more for the tickets than go through the machinations I was forced to do.

As it turned out, we had plenty of room and we arrived early in Chicago and our arranged taxi was there as well.

What a great trip. The only sad part was the amount of homeless found in every part of the city and apparently it is as sad and annoying to the people in Portland as it was for us. Wouldn’t you think we could come up with a solution for this? Our current government cannot even handle simple things, much less this.

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