Weather on my mind

Our oldest granddaughter, nine years old, decorated the cake.

For whatever reason, the weather is on my mind. Whether that thinking of weather is normal is besides the point. What is the point? I am not happy that I am concerned with the weather but once again it has become totally bizarre. It concerns me that I find nothing more interesting than the weather.

Last night, when we were celebrating two family birthdays, the weather changed as expected. A storm hit and there was a bit of thunder and lightning, but more importantly lots of rain, something we really don’t need.

I said to Mary Kay, “I would actually prefer snow.”

The rain is way more dangerous in terms of the water table and the standing water that really has nowhere to go. It is one thing if it is snow. It piles up and usually melts slowly. The rain caused it to melt fast while adding a lot more moisture.

There are puddles and ‘lakes’ everywhere.

So we had a few short minutes of thunder and lightning and then during the night, the fifty to sixty mile per hour winds started. It is impossible to keep the cover on our patio table and you have to be careful when opening car doors or the storm door because if you let them go, they fly

You have to love Chicago. I am wondering when the next snow will hit and the weather will become serious winter again.

Meanwhile, we are having an easy day in the aftermath of the wonderful chaos of yesterday’s birthday party celebration. We had a wonderful time as the entire family came together to regale our middle son and Mary Kay. We are truly blessed.

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