The Producers

Years ago, I was absolutely spellbound by Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder in The Producers. It was written and directed by Mel Brooks.

I loved it.

Since then, I am pretty sure I have seen it again, and again loved it.

As a play, it is really on when it comes to the current times. It is all about meeting one’s own personal needs, going so far as to attempt to produce a failure of a play in order to do a scam on everyone possible. Scamming people? How is that relevant to life today? Need I explain?

It is about lies and using lies to make money. It is about fascism and using it as a base for your play. Lies are in fashion? Fascism? Oh my God, how relevant this play really is!

When you see the play, you wonder how they ever got away with it, given all the objectionable material contained within. Wearing swastikas, saying “Heil, Hitler!” Yet, it is done in such a way as to make a total mockery of it all. With Mel Brooks, nothing is sacred and because he mocks everything, he is forgiven and his transgressions are allowed.

Chris Jones loved it. We are in total agreement. This is what he said about it, “What I liked best about (Jim) Corti’s production can be summed up in two sentences. His show is fearless, often doubling down where others would demur. And it is brimming with original ideas.”

We laughed from start to finish. A projection of ‘Aurora Strong’ was on the curtain and a collection for families of those killed in the recent massacre was taken. It was a fabulous night of great theatre in a place that is not giving in to the sadness that it has every right to feel. They are moving on. Hopefully, our country shall do the same.

This is not to be missed.

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