Red arrows point to the kale, which was quite tall in the fall, but still has green on the end. Is it dead or alive?

It has been anything but a boring winter.

We are pretty much ready for winter to be over, but I am guessing that our wishes shall not be granted. Winter is anything but through with us.

Yesterday, Mikey went into the back yard to scope things out. I have not been behind the garage in some time.

Mike said that the kale seems to still be alive. I don’t know how that is possible, but I need to check it out. It was over four feet tall when I last checked and apparently it seems to be growing from the top. Mike and I agreed that I should cut it down and we should see if it will grow from the bottom.

This weekend is a warm up time and we shall perhaps see more of the snow mountains in a melting mode. I wonder how much of that will disappear.

When I walked Stewie this morning, I was quite wary since the temps were just on the edge of freezing and there was what looked like a thin layer of ice in certain areas. For whatever reason, they were not overly slippery.

Today is a family birthday and we are all excited as our youngest turns three. It is the actual party on the actual birthday, something that does not happen all that frequently.

The in-house plants are all doing very well, with the exception of one orchid. Most all of the other orchids are preparing to bloom. That always brightens the winter days immensely.

Tonight, we are changing the clocks. I continue to rant about time change as it is so very disconcerting and so very stupid, in my opinion. For what we gain, I don’t believe it is worth it. I just wish we would settle in on one time or another and not do a time change. Our internal clocks seem to function whether we like it or not.

Okay, off to the gym!

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