Crocuses and lost newspapers

The slightly warmer days that we have been having have caused the daffodils and the crocuses to peek out of their dark domain. It made me think of an issue we have been having with the Tribune as the peeking crocuses are next to the driveway.

The driveway, in a situation with a malbor, can be a bone of contention. That is especially true when one shares a driveway, which we don’t. Unfortunately, they put our driveway directly next to the malbor’s driveway with a small, median strip in between. To be honest, with the new plat of survey, malbor has his former posts from the previous fence on our property in one part of the median strip. Can you imagine how that can rankle you? I would love nothing more than to pull out my sledgehammer and knock them to smithereens!

The driveway has been a bone of contention because the delivery of the Tribune has been problematic. The malbor gets a newspaper several days a week, as reported by malbor’s long-suffering wife, when she sneaks a speak with us (usually Mary Kay). Malbor does not allow her to talk to us. We get the Tribune every day. The problem is that our delivery man has an issue with his aim. Sometimes our paper gets delivered to the malbor. It doesn’t work the other way, we never seem to get his.

Luckily, malbor’s son, who temporarily lives at home, gets out early and if the newspaper is on their driveway, he puts it on our stoop.

We have called the Tribune and have gotten nowhere. Clearly, we have an unusual problem. A normal situation would allow us to procure our newspaper with ease from the neighbor. Unfortunately, we don’t have one.

Numerous phone calls to the Tribune have been pretty unsuccessful. We have asked if we can call the delivery guy but they told us that they will e-mail him.

Clearly, our delivery man does not do e-mail or at least doesn’t respond to them.

Luckily, the Tribune is not my favorite beginning to the day.

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