Spring on my mind. Will it truly visit?

A close up of a flower that is close to the ground and less than an inch in diameter. I think I need more of these.

The excitement of the arrival of spring is too much. The problem is that we never seem to know what to expect: spring or sprummer. Sprummer is the arrival of spring in the form of summer where the temps get way too high way too fast.

Meanwhile, I am happy that I managed to get a few things done yesterday: rain barrels back in business, pond pump, filter, and waterfall back running. Although my koi didn’t make it through the winter, my goldfish did. This is the first year that I had a truly successful cover for the pond: the huge net strung over a single rope to create a sort of A-frame tent. It worked and was simple and easier to use than my other methods. The pond is relatively clean, although a bit murky, but I am guessing that it will clear up shortly. The trees we have make it tough to keep a clear pond.

Hibiscus, grapefruit tree, and the passion flower that wintered in the house are on a cart and I can move them in and out of the garage. Some other plants: a beautiful planter that we were given that is waning, and a lemon geranium are in the little, protected greenhouse. It stands about six feet tall, has four shelves, and has a very cheap, easily damaged, plastic cover with a zipper. It is surprisingly effective and I ‘summered’ my orchids in it last summer. They loved it. My Norfolk pines enjoyed a platform next to it and given the way they are growing now; I am wondering what the summer will bring.

It is still gray. It is in the 50s. The mini daffodils are blooming, oh so gently.


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