Notre Dame was burning.

Post Cards from Paris. My first visit to actually see Notre Dame was on December 17, 1971. That was the first of many visits.

Yesterday, a horrific sight occurred in Paris. I was on a conference call and someone on the call said, by the way, have any of you seen what is happening in Paris? Notre Dame is on fire. Frankly, we couldn’t believe it.

We all went online and were shocked to see what was happening. It was hard to believe that a monument that is a cultural and world icon, was in danger of being ruined. At first, I thought, oh, a small fire, they will put it out. When I realized the magnitude of the fire, I knew that there was probably no chance of that.

As the day went on, things went from bad to worse. Even the spire on the roof burned and collapsed. The fire continued to burn.

Now they are assessing the damage. Hopefully, the main structure will be strong enough for a rebuild.

I cannot help but believe that this is a sign of some sort. France is troubled, we are troubled. There are world issues and no one seems to agree with anyone else. People, regions, and countries are troubled and many people are not treating fellow citizens correctly. We are in a troubled time of change.

Life is short and we can take nothing for granted. Iconic monuments can disappear in the blink of an eye. Notre Dame is seriously damaged, we still don’t know how much. She could have been destroyed.

Perhaps we need to put aside our differences and learn to get along.

Is it likely that the fascists and bad world leaders are going to heed the message of Notre Dame? Probably not, but the people who truly have more power than they realize can change things at the voting booth.

We need to do so. In the end, Notre Dame will come back, although we don’t know how long it will take. She has survived the French Revolution and two worlds wars. She will come back.

Shall we?

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