I am a slacker

Okay, so I had a little medical procedure. I had no idea that it was going to keep me out of the gym for two weeks. I thought I was able to resume my regular schedule, and I guess I shall, but not until two weeks are up.

I had no idea how annoying it would be to look at my Apple Watch and see its log of my steps and exercise and think I was a slacker. And then, on top of that, I get a message saying something to the effect, “You haven’t kept up your workout program for several days, maybe today is the day you will get back to it.”

So, on top of my not being happy that I cannot work out, my watch is telling me that I am a slacker.

I guess that for most people, this would be a great thing. A lot of people probably wouldn’t pay attention to their steps and workouts. They need to have that kind of reminder. Oh well, for right now I just have to content myself with whatever I can manage to do without overdoing it and most assuredly, without going to the gym.

Yesterday, was shorts day; today seems much less so, so I put on long pants. Stewie and I took a look at the flora and I was disappointed at the forsythia showing, just a ring of floral on the bottom of the plants. The fauna is already annoying: squirrels are everywhere and trying to invade the bird feeders. Chipmunks are already burrowing underneath the front stoop, although that is the only evidence of them yet.

The daffodils are exquisite and I have seen the first tulip. The grass is greening up and dandelions are making their first appearance of the new season. So far, I have pulled out two.

Spring is on the way, finally, but the question is what kind of spring is it going to be. If I had to guess, I would say that we shall rather have winter flow right into summer.

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