Clutching my car!

It has been over a month, I think, since my car got a new clutch. The new clutch is amazing, and probably the absolute best one I have ever had on my 2008 Subaru.

Nonetheless, I am still not used to it. I have not stalled the car to my knowledge, since getting the new clutch installed. Ask me if I am driving it really smoothly and I will tell you, probably not. That is my latest little thing to work on.

I have noticed, though, that in the past few days, I seem to have hit a certain level of mojo, not having as many difficulties as I shift. All in all, it is odd as I find that the clutch is perfection when compared to its predecessors, but somehow I did manage to attune myself to the idiosyncrasies of the previous clutches.

My almost twelve-year-old car is in need of some exterior detailing and I am planning on getting some estimates for this as I think it might be a good thing. I have noticed some rust on the bottom that I had never seen before. Never before have I had a car that has lasted this long, both in the area of engine and looks.

Never before have I had a car that saved a life. This is the same car that I had, a 2005 model as opposed to a 2008, even the same color, Subaru Blue, that one of my sons was driving when he came upon some black ice. It rolled over twice into the ditch between opposing directions of the highway. He walked out of it with a cut on his forehead from where the rearview mirror hit, after coming undone. There were no serious issues other than the car, whose interior was pretty much untouched and whose exterior was destroyed.

Subaru commercials at the junkyard are real; we lived that one.

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