Hawks, squirrels, red fox, chipmunks, bunnies, and birds

Last week saw us staring wildly in the low sky above our home, in the locust tree, and seeing a hawk swoop down, grab a squirrel, and take off toward the east, flying over our house. That was a first!

This morning I was checking out the pond, pulled out the rain barrel hose and wound it up. I noticed that the water irises were somewhat stomped down, perhaps by a raccoon or other animal spying the goldfish in the less than clear water.

A bit later, Mary Kay told me to turn around and look toward the west, out of our front windows, to see a red fox carousing on our neighbor’s lawn. He quickly ran away before I managed to find my camera with a zoom lens.

It has been a very busy, animal year and I am wondering what the rains have had to do with this.

This morning I noticed anthills on the front stoop. We have had ant issues from early on this year. They never appeared in huge numbers, just one to twenty and showing up here and there; they were just enough to be seriously annoying. I tried ant traps and ended up using my mixture of Boric acid and sugar water solution.

The chipmunks have been busy and I am working at keeping them from having an extensive tunnel system under my front stoop. I used ‘Great Stuff,’ that wonderful chemical in a can that comes out as foam and expands and hardens. I used it as a last resort and apparently the chipmunks, after trying to gnaw it out, decided it was either awful tasting or just gave up. They resorted to finding a new spot for their tunnel. I intend to continue filling each one, although the most recent one I filled with stones that were jettisoned out when the chipmunks were working.

Bunnies have been seen in some abundance. Squirrels are not as abundant as I remember them last year. The skunks odiferous presence has not been noted often, yet.

The birds have been amazing, from huge woodpeckers to tiny yellow songbirds, a Baltimore Oriole, and our beloved hummingbird.

I hear of coyotes but have spied none of late. So much for animal suburbia.

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