Chalk and rain barrels

Normally, when you think of chalk, you think of blackboards, sidewalks, and maybe even specially painted walls that are made for chalk. The latter is the case in the grandkids playhouse that has walls painted for just that situation.

The other day, the grandkids came up with a new use for chalk, with water. I don’t truly know why, but for whatever reason, putting chalk into water and putting it on the sidewalk, mixing colors, and just wetting the chalk was fun. To prove it, I have a bunch of pieces of multicolored chalk drying out as we speak, after a day of being used, out in the sun.

My rain barrels have become a favorite of the grandkids. I have three of them: one is used to provide water directly adjacent to the driveway, thus I have a long hose running from the back of the yard to that area. Recently, the grandkids found out about it and even the three year old figured out how to turn the water on and to use gravity to provide water that actually flows relatively well.

It ended up being used to fill small pails with water and then they added chunks of colored chalk to the pails. I don’t overly understand why this was so much fun, but it was. They also take water in the pails and water the plants, which is a win for me. This rain barrel situation provided them with many hours of fun as we watched from our spots on the patio.

When I set this up, I had no idea that his might be the ultimate usage of the rain barrels and their water. I wonder how many little ones have the concept of hoses, gravity, and turning on and off hoses that provide water. Needless to say, my grandkids do.

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