The mop and broom

Sometimes the favorite toys are not the ones we expect them to be. We have had so many interesting toys at our home for the grandkids. The one that comes to mind this morning as the ten year old and the six year old play is the Melissa and Doug mop. This thing is a favorite of all the grandkids and it interests me because at a certain age, there isn’t a prayer that the kids would ever pick that thing up, especially not in its larger form. If you asked them to mop a floor, you might get all sorts of negative responses.

From the three year old to the ten year old, that mop gets used as do the brooms. We have mini-brooms for all of the grandkids, because there have been times when all of them want to get involved. I realize, as well, that I am doing their future spouses and partners a good turn because it wasn’t so long ago that one of our sons happened to be building a fence and he had to actually teach his employee how to use a broom. How is that even possible?

I have been super careful to make sure that this mop of ours gets a chance to dry out, I don’t want it to get moldy and smelly, so I usually grab it and put it in the sun or make sure to leave it in a hot garage.

At this point in time, the rain barrels are empty, we are in a time period where it has not rained in days and the grandkids truly miss the ready action of the hose attached to the behind the garage rain barrel for water for play. The two other rain barrels are equally depleted since I had to put water in the goldfish pond. A special note as I ‘publish’ this, however, the rains have since come and the rain barrels are replenished.

The sky is gloomy and the kids are quietly playing, I am hoping that the weather holds out so we can all go to the pool and enjoy it. Go away gray skies! Another special note, the sky is sunny as I post this blog and we have the two older grandkids coming over while I do my utmost to keep Stewart outside so I can let the oil base paint dry.

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