Day One of Stratford 2019

The Pool at Three Houses, our Stratford B&B…

I got up at. 6:00 AM.

We were pretty much out the door by 7:30 AM, not in a major rush, and I was stymied, in fact, by the fact that I was running into neighbors as I walked the dog, neighbors who are the real deal, nice people who live near me. I met with Bessie the ‘rescue’ dog and her ‘parents, one of whom is Canadian. I also saw Paul, a guy I haven’t had face to face communication with in over a year, and who is the owner of the labradoodle (I think) named Wrigley, who now sports an ACL injhury. Nonetheless, we managed to be out the door by about 7:30 AM, after the reacquaintances, and I decided to go with the GPS wherever it took me, which was not with my usual Interstate 294, but with route 41 headed south toward the city, in order to go north. Just as we passed Lake Cook Road, I realized that I did not have my cellphone. I ‘called’ it with my Apple Watch and heard a sound; MK called it with her phone and it rang. I put aside any OCD tendencies and decided not to stop the car and find it. As it turns out, I didn’t check it until we stopped for a potty break at a rest stop, the Tourist Info place found just as you arrive in Michigan. It was in MK’s purse; M-K had thought it was her new iPhoneXS, which looks a lot like my iPhoneX. We were already thirty minutes ahead of schedule, it usually taking two hours to get to the border of Michigan.

I was happy, and if truth be told, I could have gone the whole trip with only two potty stops, a new paradigm for me, thank you, Dr. Milner. Dr. Millner, by the way, is my new ‘god.’

We stopped for lunch somewhere near Flint, Michigan, and ate our delicious ham and cheese sandwiches on ‘pain de mie’ from That Little French Guy’ on this sunny, hot day, before arriving at the ‘Blue Water Bridge’ connecting Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario. We arrived somewhere around 2:00 PM and other than having to spell my license plate to the Ontario Customs’ guy, all went well and we spent NO time in a queue of any sort.

All in all, despite thoughts that construction would slow us down, we only slowed down to 50 MPH in Michigan for a few minutes due to a fender bender. Other than that, smooth sailing, EVEN in Chicago! That is totally unheard of…

We arrived at destination after about 7.5 hours in the car in TOTAL and even after a GPS unaware detour near Stratford. It was a total of 461.9 miles. We had a little rain just beyond Sarnia, and then the strong sun came out. Temps were holding at about 84 degrees Fahrenheit there.

We checked in to the ‘Front Room in the ‘East House,’ a house that we usually share with our travel-mates. They are not with us this time, due to illness, thankfully, I believe that they are on the mend. We cleaned up and walked into town and ate at Mercer Hall, sending our fried chicken back because its breading was overcooked. The Old Fashioned drinks made up for that and the new chicken we got was superb. Our server, Alex, from Australia, was great.

We walked back; I picked up some supplies from the local drugstore, and then we sat on the patio outside the East House where we read our books.

Tomorrow is free and we shall do some shopping and maybe some pool time.

Life is good, let the plays begin!

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