Al fresco

One year of growth for this grapefruit tree.Tomorrow I shall show you what it looks like after being outside since the spring

I am delighted to say that I am on my patio and enjoying the calm. Malbor is non-existent; the power tools are all off, and the only evidence of civilization is the car going down the street every so often. Okay, there is a jet going by right now, I need to correct my statement.

The birds are extremely active. I have not seen our hummingbird, but the regular birds in search of the sunflower seeds are very busy. We came home just a week ago and in that week, the feeders I refilled are in need of attention. I love to think about the ebb and flow of the bird feeder maintenance. I would love to know exactly why it happens. Sometimes, the birds are non-existent, sometimes they feed like crazy. I am guessing that my last statement just sets me up for being a real nerd and I am okay with that.

I saw our resident monarch yesterday. Despite the large amount of flowers that I have for monarchs, and they do like them, I feel that I need at least one milkweed plant. That is coming.

The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune are at our disposal and I intend to skim both. I had planned on a staining of the playhouse, but that is going to wait. The caulk that I put in cracks is not as dry as I would like it to be and it drizzled before we got up and out of the house. The playhouse has a new, already stained door, stained as the entire house will be to match the slate gray with a bluish cast of the actual house. I have done some simple repairs and I intend to make it sparkle before the winter sets in.

The playhouse goes back to when we did our addition twenty-seven years ago, the builders had purchased cedar in the incorrect lengths and thus told me that if I didn’t keep the lumber, they would just pitch it. True to form, I kept it and used it. Eight years ago, the original playhouse that had become a garden shed, once again got repurposed by our eldest son as a revamped playhouse: moved, raised, given a new window, mini deck, and pergola. The interior boasts chalkboard walls and a floor of porcelain tiles. The best part about all of this is that I have bought almost nothing of late for the updates, I had them already, even the stain that I used years ago and which is still viable. I checked that out via my google photos, needing to see when we had done it and to see some photos of the process.

Now the playhouse has flowers all during the outdoor season, spring bulbs and then summer flowers.

The playhouse and its purpose brighten my days and remind me that we all need to be here for the youth who are suffering by living in a time period that is off the charts crazy.

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