Knee care and weeds

One day at a time.It has been a busy week, what with a little knee replacement time and all for my better half. I don’t mean to make light of the surgery, but she is doing amazingly well and progressing quite fast. We are already cutting down on the pain pills and the walking seems to be getting easier and easier. She has even walked a few steps on her own.

I am totally into my caretaker status and I think after several days, I am down to a routine. I am easily getting between 8,000 and 9,000 steps per day. I am annoyed at my Apple Watch, however because our thirteen steps, that I go up and down all day long, hardly register as any amount of stairs whatsoever.

On another note, I just cannot help myself when I encounter a weed.

I have been eyeing the saplings that started growing in the mulch by the pond. Every so often, when I go outside for a moment, since I am spending so much time inside, I have been spying the little trees, cottonwoods, and some other variety. The maples are pretty much done sprouting. I pull them all out.

I have gotten to the point of taking about ninety seconds to get everything that is within my current view. So each time I go out, I hit a new location. Granted, it is slightly crazy, but little by little it takes care of my weed problem.

In the house I have been dealing with things on a face to face basis. If I am in the proximity, I deal with whatever it is. So if I am in the laundry room or passing through, if there is some laundry to deal with, I do it. Little by little I get everything done.

I am a bit bummed though with my Apple watch. It does not recognize steps in a bi-level. I am constantly going up and down the steps and rarely do they register. From the family room, there are six steps to the main level. I think there are about seven from the main level to the upper level. I cannot tell you how many times I go up and down them. As it now stands, according to my watch, I have done one set. I think maybe I have done at least four, when you factor in that there are fewer steps than in a major set of steps.

Meanwhile, all is currently quiet and MK is reading, dozing, and recovering, and trying to figure out her next set of exercises.

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